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Sage One Accounts Review

Accounting can be a real problem for small businesses which often lack a dedicated finance employee with the necessary expertise.

Too frequently it’s the owner or a general office worker who is left with the task of invoicing, book-keeping and preparing the accounts; and it can be very frustrating when this takes up time that should be spent on productivity – especially if you’re a sole trader.

However, small businesses now have a solution which makes it far easier to take care of the accounts: Sage One – an online accounting package that will handle every aspect of your financial requirements.

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Sage One Accounts + Sage Pay

Sage One Packages On Offer

The Sage One Accounts software comes in three different packages: Cashbook, Accounts and Accounts Extra, depending on the size of your business.


  • Manage your cash flow
  • Record money going in & out
  • Collaborate with accountant
  • Free Automatic Bank Feeds
  • Free 24hr telephone support
  • Create and email invoices
  • Submit VAT returns online
  • Smart bank reconciliation
  • Connects with Sage Pay
  • Free mobile app
  • Multi-user & role-based access
  • Multi-currency
  • VAT MOSS-compliance
  • Produce & track quotes
  • Interactive cash flow reporting
  • Analysis reporting with custom fields


£5.00per month

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£10.00per month

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Accounts Extra

£20.00per month

  • 40% OFF for 6 MONTHS

The Sage One Cashbook is designed to help the sole-traders and small companies who have not yet reached the VAT threshold for income. The software Sage has created here really does make book-keeping simple. All business owners need to do is simply fill in an on-screen form and Cashbook does the rest of the work for you, creating a full record of income and expenditure which you can send to your accountant, use to keep an eye on your cash flow, or put to work for completing your tax return.

One of the most valuable elements of the Cashbook is that it produces reports that will show you exactly where your money is being spent, helping to make you more aware of where efficiencies can be made. It can also give you an indication of your monthly and year to date profit as well as run profit and loss reports – very helpful if you are using monthly profit to calculate your salary.

Sage One Accounts is designed for slightly larger companies, such as start-ups and small businesses who need to create invoices, manage finances and VAT. The Accounts package has many helpful features which are both time and stress saving for the small company – especially with its ability to take care of VAT returns.

What’s particularly helpful about its VAT handling is that, not only does it generate your VAT return for you, using the details you've inputted, it also helps you submit it directly to HMRC online – it will even remind you when your return is due. What could be simpler? Generate the return, click send and you're done. Sage One Accounts supports all the major VAT schemes and should the VAT rate change, your software will be updated immediately.

In addition to VAT, the software will keep track of your customers and suppliers, making it even quicker to create invoices and record payments. It can run a series of important reports so you can view your sales, expenses and profit for the month and year to date. Importantly, this is very easy to use and all the instructions are worded in a way that is easy to follow and understand for those who are not financial experts.

Sage One Accounts Extra is the ideal solution if your company trades internationally, needs more than one account holder to access the account or if you are a business person with more than one business to look after.

Whilst you still get all the functionality of the Sage One Accounts package, the Extra package also gives you the ability to record sales and purchases in multiple currencies. It will even calculate VAT for EU and non-EU sales and purchases. Beneficially, it also calculates exchange rate gains and losses automatically, which can save a small business a great deal of time and effort. You can invoice in foreign currency too.

Other very important features of the Extra package include the ability to generate detailed forecasts and do complete accounts analyses - both are vital in helping you forward plan. Time and effort are again saved as the software has the capacity to import large amounts of financial data as well as conciliate your accounts with your bank statements – which can also be imported rather than manually inputted.

The Accounts Extra package is an exceptionally useful tool to help you thoroughly analyse and develop your business, work easily in foreign markets and undertake large scale financial inputting with relative ease.


Each package available as part of Sage One is perfectly suited for the business type it has been designed for. Overall, though, all of them have the ability to reduce workload, improve efficiency and give business owners a clear view of how their business is performing and how it can be improved.

The software is hosted online and regularly backed up, ensuring your data is secure and safe. Updates are done automatically, so there’s no need to install anything on your computer. If you are having problems, you also have 24/7 access to a highly trained email and telephone support team included in the price.

You can access Sage One from any device with an internet connection and even give your accountant or co-workers access to your data so you can collaborate.

Our favourite feature is the Smart Reconcile, which remembers regular transactions reconciling with one click approval, it literally will save days of your life; coupled with the recent "Auto Bank Feed update" and you'll be thinking of new hobbies to spend all your newly discovered spare time on.


Sage have been the professional standard for bookkeeping and accounting software from the beginning. Until now their software packages have either been too basic or too expensive for many small businesses.

Sage One Accounts completely fills in any gaps in the market ensuring that there is a Sage Product out there for every potential customer.

Each package has it's place in the market, but Accounts Extra, with it's ability to customise analysis codes, deal in foreign currency and smart reconcile is without a doubt our winner and will probably be the solution for all successful businesses that chose Sage One eventually.

Other similar Cloud based platforms, simply do not offer the features, support or the big household name of Sage One, and so we feel it is somewhat of a one horse race for accounting software, short of the enterprise level packages also provided by Sage.

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