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Payleven Review

Payleven was the first company to bring a mobile Chip & PIN device to the European market. Being the European pioneer of the mobile Chip & PIN device, Payleven demonstrates the highest possible industry security standards.

As well as providing customers with the facility to take card payments via smartphone or tablet, Payleven prides itself on it’s hands on customer service and value added features that enhance the payment experience and help day to day running of a business.

The Device

You can buy the Payleven device at a number of trusted stores, which attests to the quality of the product.

The Chip & PIN Keypad is available at: Apple, Staples, Screwfix and Salon’s direct, to name a few. You can also purchase the device on their website via the button below.

Current Price £49 £39 excl. VAT £10 OFF Voucher Code: XMASUK2014

The Payleven Chip & PIN device fits nicely in the palm of your hand and is heavy enough to feel like a decent bit of tech while maintaining a comfortable feel.

The branding and card logos on the device mean that it maintains a professional look. Surprisingly we've never had an issue with taking payments via our phone, customers generally are curious and impressed with the new technology. I'm sure the overall look and feel of devices like the Payleven, izettle & Worldpay Zinc keypads, certainly play a key role in gaining customer confidence.

Pairing the Chip & PIN with our iPad and Android phone was an easy process after reading the brief manual that came in the Payleven welcome package. Like similar devices, the Payleven keypad connects easily to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Payleven - Mobile, Simple, Sexy

The App

From the minute you open the app it looks and feels like a professional tool. It works fast and is really easy to use, meaning that taking payments is fast and uncomplicated.

We tested the Payleven app with an iPad and an Android phone. Both apps were similar in their running and feel; however the layouts were different which bodes well for usability.

Not only do you have the option to enter payment details manually (e.g. product photo, product name, and price), you can also choose from a back catalogue of previously sold items. We found this particularly convenient for ease of use, and all products were stored in an intuitive way.

Another thing we also liked is the option to give certain user-permissions to staff. It was really easy to add a staff member, and changing the permissions that staff members have means that you can give your employees the opportunity to take payments, monitor their sales levels and keep track of the best performers- very handy for retail!

Recent sales history is also available to see on the app, which is another very cool tool. It allows you to see a breakdown of all recent transactions, so you can see which item is doing better than others and keep an eye on how much your takings are.

The only thing we thought could be improved here are the metrics that are shown; it would be useful to see refunds for example.

All in all, the Payleven app held up very well. We were impressed with the ease of functionality, and the handy extra features that came with it.


Payleven have recently changed to a sliding scale price model in the UK of 2.75% to 1.5% on transaction. As with many other mPOS solutions there is no contract and no monthly fee, which makes it the ideal solution for flexible users. Unlike Worldpay Zinc, refunds are free too and can be arranged anytime after the sale.

This pricing system is simple and transparent, meaning that customers benefit from knowing exactly what they pay, when they pay.

It takes a dissapointing average of to 5-11 business days from the moment you take a payment from your client to receive it on your bank account. This is significantly longer than Payleven's competitors and we suspect may put some businesses off.

Monthly Fee

  • Transaction Fees
  • Refunds Fees
  • Keypad (RRP)
  • Signup Fee
  • Annual Fee
  • Contract Length


£0.00No Monthly Fee

  • 1.5% to 2.75%
  • FREE
  • £59 excl. VAT
  • None
  • None
  • Cancel Anytime
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£0.00No Monthly Fee

  • 1.5% to 2.75%
  • FREE
  • £59 excl. VAT
  • None
  • None
  • Cancel Anytime
  • £20 OFF Chip & PIN Keypad*

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Customer Service & Support

Payleven pride themselves on their customer support, and we found that they have every reason to!

Something that definitely sets Payleven apart from the competition is their friendly attitude and availability. UK-based customer support agents are available to Payleven customers through many different means; email, phone, live chat on the website and via their Facebook and Twitter pages.

We called Payleven and after a short wait were put straight through to a very friendly customer support agent, who helped us to solve the problem within five minutes. For something as important to a business as a Chip & PIN device, this kind of hands-on support is immeasurable. Especially for those who aren’t so tech savvy.

The sign-up process on the website requires you to verify your email address and bank account. This process really doesn’t take very long (as sign up can be done as quickly as one day) but it ensures the security of the device and service.


It is fair to say that Payleven offers far more than just an mPOS solution. From their useful extra features, to their excellent customer service, Payleven categorically has their customer at the heart of their product.

This service bonus is reflected in Payleven’s price structure, which is by industry standards good.

Comparing Payleven's offering to it's competitors iZettle and Worldpay Zinc, we have to say we prefered iZettle's App, and it loses out to both with the exteneded remmitance length, which in our view are excessive.

Payleven is perfect for any tradesman, beautician, retail store, restaurant (anyone really!) who wants to take flexible card payments but may not be very affine with the technology, or who would appreciate the extra support and care on the part of Payleven. 

In the spirit of customer satisfaction, Payleven are currently offering readers a special device price of £49 for a limited time only. making Payleven the cheapest service to get started with right now.

Current Price £49 £39 excl. VAT £10 OFF Voucher Code: XMASUK2014