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iZettle - Review & Best Offers

iZettle mobile card payment service is another offering with key differences to other similar services such as Worldpay Zinc, Payleven and Paypal Here.

iZettle utilise the exact same handset which connects via bluetooth to your iOS iPhone, iPad or android device with there own version of a free downloadable app.

The differences in service however seem to set iZettle’s service apart from many of their competitors.


The NEW iZettle Reader

A very slick, and minimalist design, which sets it apart from it's competitors, the iZettle Chip & PIN reader, is small enough to be comfortably mobile, whilst still feeling like a well made piece of kit.

We didn’t experience any problems connecting the iZettle reader to an iPhone or Android via Bluetooth.

The process of taking payment is extremely intuitive and as straightforward as any other Chip & Pin device on the market, with an adequate LCD display giving clear instructions to the customer.

The iZettle Pro Contactless reader also supports Contactless payments and Apple Pay unlike many of iZettle's competitor’s.


**NEW** Izettle Pro EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) System

Need something even more powerful for your store, the new Izettle Pro EPOS gives you everything you need to revolutionise your payments system, from speeding up transactions to detailed reporting, receipt printers, cash register and integration into popular accounting software, all from your ipad.

Offer Price £25+VAT (RRP £59+VAT)


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iZettle - Mobile Chip & Pin

The App

Unlike Worldpay Zinc and Paypal Here, iZettle have a much more complete and beautiful Point of Sale (POS) app, giving the merchant the option to enter a product library complete with images and variations for example, sizes, weights, colours etc.

The iZettle app also allows the options to accept cash payments, manual card entry and visa payments via SMS text too, making iZettle a complete Retail POS solution with or without a card reader.

We tested the app on an iPad and iPhone and have to say that overall we were really impressed.

The iPhone version has all the functionality of the iPad app. Both versions are simple enough for a chimpanzee to operate with ease.

The iPad route is a obviously a less compact and more user friendly experience. It boasts a layout and feel instantly familiar and flawless in design. That said, the convenience of the iPhone will have much further reaching applications to mobile tradesman and retailers that simply cannot afford the inconvenience of carrying a tablet around.

Our only criticism; Adding to the product library is a laborious task if you have lots of products and the App could definitely benefit from a bulk products feature of some kind.

To summarise, both versions of the app will do very nicely. If the Android versions are cut from the same cloth, I believe everyone will be more than happy.


Currently iZettle offer a fixed transaction fee of 1.75%. With no additional fees.

Payments are made into your nominated account in 3 working days, but they have imposed some limits these which depend on the type of payment made or if you have a private or business account

You’ll receive an email when a deposit has been made, and you can even decide the frequency (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) of your deposits in to your account.

For heavy users of over £1000 per day a Business Account and Chip & Pin Reader clearly is a must.

The best part of the iZettle offer is there are absolutely no contract tie-ins whatsoever. If you want to cancel, just stop using it…Simple!

Limited Offer Price

  • Transaction Fees
  • Refund Fee
  • Keypad (RRP)
  • Annual/Monthly Fees
  • Contract Length
  • Cards Accepted

NEW iZettle Reader

£25Excluding VAT

  • 1.75%
  • FREE
  • £59+VAT
  • None
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Apple Pay & Contactless

Customer Service & Support

The signup process is relatively effortless. iZettle require you to verify your nominated bank account by making a refundable transaction of £1. This has to be done before any deposits can be made to your account. This process takes up to three business days, however you can start taking payments immediately, whilst this is happening

We contacted support via iZettle’s website to ask if they had a test account. Almost instantly we received an auto responder with a link to the extremely thorough iZettle help website.

We had a human response in an impressive 1 hour 45 mins that is more than acceptable. They also clearly answered our question first time.



In short, iZettle is the real deal!

A fantastic POS style app that makes taking money quick and simple and tracking sales effortless; Multiple payment options, some of most competitive rates available and a responsive customer service combine to present a powerful package for almost any mobile trader, shop keeper, in fact anyone that wants to take credit card payments.

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Offer Price £25+VAT (RRP £59+VAT)


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