Go Henry – Offer & Review

What is Go Henry?


Go Henry is a Pre-paid debit card for kids with parental controls. Aimed specifically at children aged 8 to 18 years old. It’s free and super easy to sign up to and the card arrives in the post within 7 working days.

It’s all managed via an easy-to-use website and mobile apps, which allow you to easily monitor spending and make payments from a parent account either as regular weekly payments, meaning no more missed pocket money or one-off payments to deposit birthday money or a reward for extra chores for example.

Your child will receive their very own secure PIN and separate login details. The app which is compatible with all Apple & Android devices, also enables them to monitor their spending and perform secure balance checks. If the card is lost or stolen, it can be immediately deactivated using the Go Henry app, by either parent or child.

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Go Henry is absolutely loaded with additional features too. Here's a list of some of them.

Parent's App

  • Set up regular pocket money transfers and make one-off payments to your children
  • Set tasks so your children can earn a little more
  • Invite your relatives to contribute to your children's savings
  • Set single and weekly spending limits
  • Decide where each card can be used: in shops, on-line or at cash machines
  • Block and unblock cards instantly, via website or app
  • View how and where they spend in real time
  • Get realtime alerts for failed payment attempts

Go Henry Apps

Children's App

  • Earn by completing weekly and one-off tasks
  • Create savings goals and let goHenry automatically save towards them
  • See their weekly earning, saving and spending in graphical, easy-to-use educational formats
  • Always know how much they have to spend
  • Spend within your rules, anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Receive immediate and clear reasons for declined spending where your rules were broken
  • Exclusive discounts on purchasing cinema & theme parks tickets and other cools stuff via goStore

Go Henry can be used wherever Visa is accepted including the UK and abroad and is contactless compatible, there is also no overdrafts or possibility of debt or charges for unauthorised payments. Children can only ever spend what is available on the card at the time.

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Go Henry Safe & Secure

How safe & secure is Go Henry?

Go Henry offers all of the same security found with any Visa backed card, as well as many parental controls to boot including the ability to limit spending and block the card in an instant. This makes Go Henry considerably safer for kids than carrying cash or even standard current accounts.

Further to safety and security features already mentioned, it is also impossible to use a Go Henry card for any of following services and establishments that are deemed non-child friendly:

  • Pubs, bars, nightclubs and some restaurants
  • Wine and beer wholesalers
  • Cigar and tobacco shops
  • Escort services and massage parlours
  • Automated fuel dispensers
  • Race tracks
  • Adult entertainment venues, websites or TV channels

Although this is not an exhaustive list, retailers are bound by law to not serve restricted products to underage children and Go Henry in no way presents an easier opportunity to purchase such items than say cash would. In fact Contrary to this point every transaction is available in real-time for the scrutiny of concerned parents, making Go Henry a much safer option than any of the alternative forms of payment.

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What does Go Henry Cost?

The monthly cost for Go Henry is just £2.49 which is charged to parent account and not deducted from the child’s balance.

There are some other occasional fee’s which I will come back to, but first let me tell you what is free.

  • Free UK cash withdrawals.
  • No overdrafts, so no overdraft fees.
  • Free standard goHenry card for your child to use.
  • Free telephone and email support
  • Load your account for free with Standing Orders & Bank Transfers (Faster Payments)
  • Close your Go Henry Account anytime - FREE

So here is the complete list of other charges for Go Henry:

goHenry fees and charges Fee goHenry Comments
Account fees:
Monthly membership fee per child £2.49 We only start charging you after your free trial ends. The monthly charge is paid out of the parents account not the child's.
Loading money to your parent account:
From your bank account FREE The easiest option by far
From your debit card 50p per load This is a banking fee we simply pass through. It will be shown clearly as part of your payment confirmation. To avoid these fees we recommend you set up your regular payments direct from your bank account by standing order or direct transfer.
Spending money online and in shops:
goHenry Visa card purchases in the UK FREE
goHenry Visa card purchases abroad 2.75% * * Any goHenry transaction in a foreign currency will be converted into pounds. We'll do this at the rate of exchange provided by Visa Europe on the date the money leaves your account. See more information on exchange rates here on the Visa Website.
Money Withdrawals:
From an ATM in the UK FREE
From an ATM abroad £2 Be aware, some cash machines may charge extra
Standard transfer to your bank account
(takes up to 4 working days)
FREE Call Member Services on 0330 100 7676 to arrange a transfer.
Closing your goHenry account and transferring all funds back to your bank account FREE Call Member Services on 0330 100 7676 to arrange a transfer.
Replacement Cards:
Replacing a lost, stolen or damaged card £5

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Go Henry Account Limits

Account Totals:Loading money:

goHenry account limits Value goHenry Comments
Maximum account balance £6,000
Maximum one-off card load £500 Minimum £2
Maximum loads per day 3
Spending with your goHenry Pre-paid Visa Card:
Maximum spend in one day £4,000 No minimum spend
Maximum number of card spends per day 10
ATM withdrawals:
Maximum daily amount £120
Maximum individual ATM withdrawal £120 Mininum is £5
Maximum withdrawals per day 3
Maximum withdrawals per 4 days 4

How does Go Henry benefit young people?

Go Henry as well as rival products such as Osper Card may well represent one of the most powerful tools available in the development of a positive attitude towards money, and the essential life skill of finance management. Used properly Go Henry helps promote a healthy work ethic too and an overall understanding of the value of money, skills many adults are sadly lacking today.

You might expect such an important skill-set to be taught in schools from a young age, but in reality, despite how impacting effective money management (or mismanagement) is, it is still very much left to the parents to teach their children the ways of finance. Go Henry makes this task infinitely easier. Allow me to share my own example.


My youngest son Tristan. is 10 years old. Tristan is a good kid. He always does his chores and likes helping out for extra pocket money (unlike his teenage brother :-/). However, before Go Henry came in to our lives we as parents were useless employers.

Losing track of what we owed him, when we didn’t have his pocket money to hand, borrowing from him to pay for his school dinners in a last minute rush; Sending his teenage brother to the shop to buy milk, bread, butter etc. etc with his hard earn pocket money. The reasons to borrow his all-too-convenient cash were endless and repayments were regrettably few and far between.

The lessons we must have been teaching this child was that money is a sporadic thing that comes and goes, and best to spend it as soon as it comes, in case someone borrows it forever ;-)

Now, I’m not saying that every parent is the same as us back then, but many definitely are.

Here is how Go Henry changed all of that…

As soon as the card arrived, I immediately set up a standing order and a regular weekly pocket money transfer. This instantly started a chain reaction never before witnessed by my son, we call it “SAVING”. not only was the pocket money delivered as regular as clock work without any effort whatsoever, it was no longer the quick cash option it once was, it was now safe from “eternal borrowing” by the rest of the family.

Before long, saving became exciting, his Go Henry balance kept getting bigger and a strange thing happened entirely organically, he didn’t want to spend it, certainly not all of it anyway.

Birthday money and Christmas money was added to the account, and although he has become very generous buying birthday, christmas and mother’s day gifts with his own money. He is now a very diligent saver and prudent manager of his own finances.

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An example of this was one Christmas time he asked Father Christmas for a Simpsons Lego House RRP £179. In our house santa always brings one present. When he saw the price of this item he immediately decided that it was too much for us, his parents to spend on him, and since Father Christmas uses magic and elven slave labour to create toys out of thin air, this would be the most economical way (for everyone concerned) for him to get his hands on this toy.

Although some of his facts may be a little off, this was in our opinion nonetheless an awesome example of an at the time 8 year old, realising the value of something and attempting to economise.

As this request was very late in the day for Father Christmas and unfortunately different from the original request he had made a month earlier ;-), we suggested that if he continued to save his Go Henry pocket money until his birthday which is in February, combined with his birthday money he would be able to afford to buy the Simpsons Lego House, although this would likely zero his account.

After a short deliberation he replied, “no I don’t want to spend that much!!” and he never mentioned it again.

It is my opinion that this amazing positive shift in attitude towards money is all due to the way in which Go Henry entirely organically turns saving and spending in to a visually quantifiable process, making saving almost a friendly challenge in a way.

I’m sure the psychology at play here is far deeper and more powerful than my anecdotal examples, but I am in no doubt; instilling these types of positive attitudes in children is a huge step in the right direction and setting them up for a much easier life when they are older and leave the nest.

Review Summary

From my own personal experience Children especially from poorer backgrounds are often given the impression in many ways that money is a rude word, something you have to manage without. Of course this is nonsense. Money is a integral part of life and negative attitudes towards money leads to poor money management, low salary expectations, reckless spending, debt, deprivation and ultimately poverty itself.

In the developed world, money management is key to success, money impacts almost every decision and aspect of our lives including our health and wellbeing. There is a cycle of poverty and deprivation in the world that can in-part be broken by instilling positive attitudes towards money and effective money management principles in young people. There is a lot more schools can do to help young people not fall in to the financial pitfalls that many do, but it is my opinion that Go Henry goes a long way to do exactly this.

I believe that Go Henry is an essential tool for all children that helps create positive attitudes towards money management, that will make their lives richer today and will ultimately make there lives more comfortable and successful in the years to come.

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