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FairFX Prepaid Currency Card Review & FREE Card Offer

For years FairFX have been regarded by many as the cheapest way to get travel money, in almost any currency, FairFX have consistently topped comparison websites charts with their almost wholesale "no-middleman" rates.

True to their name, this remains the case to this day. FairFX travel money delivery service has consistently delivered the goods-for-less by literally cutting out the middleman, but that's not all they do.

Claim your FREE FairFX Prepaid Currency Card (usual price £9.95) SIGNUP NOW FOR FREE!

FairFX Rates Comparison:
£500 gives up to an extra €15 or $11 to spend.*
£1,000 gives up to an extra €30 or $22 to spend.*

Introducing the FairFX Prepaid Currency MasterCard range.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Simply put, all you need to do to get your hands on a FairFX Card, is sign-up, activate, top-up & spend.




Top up & Spend


Signing-up is simple, just visit the FairFX website follow the links and enter your basic information.

There is usually a sign-up fee for each of the FairFX Cards of £9.95 unless you top-up with over £200.

Or you could use the chip-and-pin.info exclusive discount code to get your FairFX Card absolutely FREE.

Discount Code: a6wsr


Your new FairFX Prepaid Card should arrive within 10 days.
Once your new prepaid MasterCard has arrived you will need to log-on to the FairFX website once more. Click on the activate link in the top right hand corner of the page and follow the simple steps.
Voila! You are good to go.

Top-up & Spend

Once you have activated your FairFX Currency Card, you can easily top up from almost anywhere in the world.

Top-up using you debit/credit card or bank transfer in conjunction with any of the following convenient methods avaialble.

• FairFX website
• FairFX App (iOS & Android)
• Telephone
• SMS/text

After you've loaded your new FairFX Card you are free to use your EURO or USD Prepaid MasterCard to buy whatever you need wherever you see the MasterCard logo including ATM's without any additional fees. (as long as your purchase currency matches that of your card)

The FairFX EVERYWHERE CURRENCY CARD differs slightly in that you can use it anywhere in the world with any currency that displays the MasterCard logo, however there is a 1.4% fee applied to all transactions

Why use a FairFX Prepaid Currency Card?

There are many benefits to using a prepaid MasterCard abroad but here are what we believe are the 3 top reasons to never leave the UK without one.

1. Safer than cash.
It's a sad fact that many tourists are targeted each year by thieves when travelling abroad. The FairFX Prepaid MasterCard allows you to carry less cash, and is cheaper and more convenient than travellers cheques.

2. Superior exchange rates
As previously mentioned FairFX have long been known for their extremely competitive exchange rates, that consistently beat banks, airports, bureau de change and hotel exchange rates hands down.

If you like to follow the FX markets, you can also use your skills to top-up and lock in the most favourable rates.

3. No transaction fees
Using your debit or credit cards abroad is an extremely expensive way to do business. Not only will you almost certainly be getting an inferior exchange rate as standard, but the transaction fees applied by almost all banks are often extortionate.

The FairFX EURO & USD Currency cards allow you to spend your money in their respective currency without any transaction fees and at the same exchange rate as the moment you topped up.

The FairFX EVERYWHERE Currency Card, allows you the flexibility to spend in over 210 countries with a deal clinching 1.4% transaction fee and FairFX's famous super competitive exchange rates.

Overall Conclusion

The FairFX Prepaid Currency Cards are a real no-brainer... Whilst most people will always want to take some cash with them wherever they travel, you cannot beat the security and convenience offered by a credit card; add market leading exchange rates and 0% transaction fees* to the mix and you've got your perfect travel companion.

It's an easy thumbs up from us!!

Claim your FREE FairFX Prepaid Currency Card (usual price £9.95) SIGNUP NOW FOR FREE!

* Rates are correct at time of writing (14/08/16) but will vary. Savings shown are based on data independently collected on the worst performing bureau via moneysavingexpert.com travel money comparison tool.